Empowering Lives Through Solar Power & Technology


Tens of thousands of kids and youths in Sierra Leone study at night using kerosene lanterns and open-flame candles. Many of them are unable to benefit from education programs that are broadcast by the Education Ministry because they do not have radios or batteries. This project will provide renewable technology including solar lamps and solar radios, solar-powered eReaders / laptops - focused on providing a safe and less expensive way for the future leaders of Sierra Leone to study.


The 2015 Africa Progress Report states that "600 million people still do not have access to modern energy" and at today's current rate of improvement, every resident of Africa will not have working power until 2080. Children and youths need a reliable source of light and technology to enable them to complete their education and become the leaders of tomorrow. The smoke and flames from kerosene lanterns and open-flame candles are a health risk and hazardous.


This project empowers education through safe, renewable and environmentally-friendly devices. These devices include solar lights, solar radios, solar powered eReaders and laptops etc. The kids and youths will now be able to read safely at night - with no risk to their health or lives. Solar-powered technology is a reliable and less expensive solution to the lack of electricity. This use of renewable energy will additionally have a positive impact on global warming and climate change.

Long-Term Impact

The project is an effective intervention that will provide renewable energy and technology to kids and youths as they study. It will save the families hundreds of dollars in recurring expenses over 2-3 years. Also, we will be eliminating the potential for house fires. By providing on-going and consistent power to tools / devices, the educational efforts of the kids and youths will be multiplied. They will additionally have access to additional learning resources.

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