Build A New Home for Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone


The Ebola Crisis left more than 4500 children as orphans. These children lost not only their parents, but also their homes - shelter and a safe place to sleep at night. The current Dream Home orphanage is a rented facility that is not ideal. It is not fenced, is on a hill and has no common dining room area that can seat all kids. Room layout and other options / facilities are not ideal. This project will build or purchase a new home to serve the needs of these young children.


During the 2014-2015 Ebola Crisis in West Africa, families were devastated as the infection spread through communities, resulting in the deaths of entire families. In some instances, the children survived and became orphans. These Ebola orphans; often young children, need a place to call home with a large fenced yard to play, a warm bed to sleep in, clothing, nutritious meals and the ability to complete their education.


The funds from this project will either purchase land and build a new home or purchase an existing building for the new Dream Again Home orphanage. Through this new home, the kids will be protected, be able to safely play and live a normal lifestyle. This will enable an ideal and empowering environment where we can raise these kids. Together we will provide a home where they can dream again.

Long-Term Impact

This project offers tremendous benefits in terms of being able to help deserving children grow and mature into model adults that will impact their communities and nation - and even the world.

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