Help Care For Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone


This project provides a safe haven - an orphanage called the Dream Home - to help raise children who lost BOTH parents during the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. The goal of the home is to provide the best care for these orphans as we possibly can. It is a place where they are able to dream again - and they are taught that they can be and do anything. By catering for the needs of these children, we are giving them a bright future and ensuring that they do not resort to undesirable lifestyles.


During the 2014-2015 Ebola Crisis in West Africa, thousands of people unfortunately passed away. Family were devastated as the infection spread through communities, resulting in the deaths of entire families. In some instances, the children survived and became orphans. Reports confirm that there are over 3000 ebola-orphaned children in Sierra Leone. Many of these children are left to fend for themselves and some have resorted to living undesirable lifestyles in order to survive.


We are responding to this problem by providing the best care that we can for these deserving children that have lost their parents to Ebola. The Dream Home orphanage gives them everything they need including food, clothing, school related expenses and psychosocial support / counselling. Through this home, the kids will be able to live a normal lifestyle and grow up to be model citizens.

Long-Term Impact

This project offers tremendous benefits in terms of being able to help deserving children grow and mature into model adults that will impact their communities and nation - and even the world.

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