Provide a mosquito net, save a life from Malaria


Join us in providing insecticide-treated mosquito nets to protect Sierra Leoneans, especially young children, from mosquito bites. Malaria is caused by parasites that are transmitted through the bites of infected mosquitoes Long-lasting insecticidal nets are a proven and effective way of reducing exposure to mosquitoes at night-time, when people are at greatest risk.


From the half a million people who die annually from malaria worldwide, unfortunately children younger than five years old are the main victims. Less than 10% of children sleep under protective nets in Sierra Leone, where malaria is still a frequent and killer disease. Malaria causes unnecessary sickness, hospitalization and deaths which could easily be prevented. Productivity is also affected when people fall sick and become incapacitated. This avoidable sickness drains meager family finances.


The long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets provide an effective barrier and protection from mosquito bites. This significantly lowers the risk of getting malaria. This risk is further reduced by provided training on the importance of their use. As a result of these interventions, families are healthier and live longer.

Long-Term Impact

Deaths caused by malaria are declining, lives are being saved and people are living longer. Families are also able to avoid spending meager resources on malaria medication and hospitalization.

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