Provide Vital Vocational Trade Skills Training


This project provides vital, focused skill training to help youths and young adults become self-sufficient. This training empowers them to become gainfully employed in high-demand trades. Tool-kits that are provided on graduation help them start their own businesses. Focus is primarily on providing tailoring training.


Many school drop outs, orphans and people displaced by the civil war in Freetown do not have access to equipped facilities for training in valuable trade skills. There is a high demand for the provision of practical and tertiary training services that enable them to be gainfully employed or start their own businesses. Financial assistance is not readily available to obtain the tools needed to practice a trade and earn a living.


This project addresses the skill-deficit problem by providing vital training in tailoring and other related skills. The trainees are able to learn a marketable and relevant skill. This intervention is in high demand and meets the need of school drop outs and unemployed youths. When possible, on completion of training, trainees are provided with a toolkit to help them start their own businesses.

Long-Term Impact

The project contributes to youth development in skills for self-reliance and entrepreneurship. It creates employment opportunities for disadvantaged youths and young adults - helping them to move from poverty and unemployment to self-sufficiency. This effective intervention continues to provide the essential skills that school drop outs and unemployed youths need in their quest towards financial independence.

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